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3 Simple Tips to Design a Minimalistic Home

Minimalism has taken the architectural and interior design world by storm. Thanks to the Tiny House Movement and an increasing number of celebrities promoting the idea of inhabiting uncluttered homes, more millennials are choosing to live in minimalistic houses with straightforward designs.

However, designing a minimalist home is just as complicated as decorating and staging a regular home filled with overwhelming accessories. If you’re looking for a direction on getting started on designing a minimalistic home, here are some tips to follow.

Less is More

The first step of designing a sleek and minimal home is understanding how less is more. This vision will better equip you to keep most of your house’s spaces as simple as possible. A good rule of thumb to follow is to determine the intent of each piece in any room before incorporating it into space.

You should be willing to remove some accessories from the house’s rooms if they don’t feel correct or minimal enough.


A Neutral Base

People often struggle to determine the perfect base colour for their homes when going minimal. The ideal route to take is choosing a neutral base that promotes a calm, rejuvenating, and refreshing atmosphere. Browse through a colour palette and pick one you can quickly build upon using similar textures.

For example, most minimalistic houses have a white base colour because they look incredible when paired or mixed with natural tones like tans, browns, and beiges without overwhelming the house’s overall look.

Install Solar Window Films

Windows are an integral part of a house, regardless of how simple or luxurious it is. A significant portion of designing a minimalistic home includes focusing on aspects other than the house’s look. In other words, making sustainable living choices is also a critical part of designing a minimalistic home.

Therefore, you should invest in solar window films for every window in your home to prevent excessive glare, high energy costs, and heat-build-up inside the house. These residential window films are excellent eco-friendly window covering choices, providing you with the maximum benefits of natural lighting without exposure to harmful UV rays and increased energy bills.


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