These dreamy shades make a home cozier, filtering in sunlight through the door.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Cozier This Fall and Winter

With the cold weather here, there’s no better time than fall and winter to enjoy cozying up at home. Curl up with a book, some hot coffee or cocoa, light a scented candle, and enjoy the slow, lazy weather.

You can make the experience even better with a few simple switches and swaps around the house that help make it even dreamier and more comfortable. Get the coziest, yummiest home with the following tips:

1. Take on some fall cleaning

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but fall cleaning?  It needs to become a common practice! Declutter your home to be more open, welcoming, and cleaner, so you have place to relax and unwind. Dirty, cramped, and messy spaces can impact your mental health more than you realize, and being surrounded by piles and heaps of belongings, be it toys, laundry, and other types of clutter, will disturb you.

2. Fill up your walls and spaces

Once everything that you don\’t need and doesn\’t belong there is gone, you can use the space you actually have more consciously. Put up things that make you happy, be it photographs, artwork, décor pieces, thrift finds, plants or whatever else it is. This is optional because you could enjoy the empty spaces, but for that truly cozy feel, it helps to have things that make your house a home.

\"Another3. Pull out the rugs and carpets, cushions and throws

No, not literally!

Nothing says cozy quite like carpets and rugs, and they double as protection for your floors too. If you already have rugs put out, move them around to give your space a new feel. If they’re old, it might be the right time to clean them out or replace them with the rest of your fall cleaning.

Also, plush up your bed, couches, and seaters with more throws, cushions, and shawls in warm tones. Embrace fall palettes to bring in that added depth and variation.

4. Switch out drapes for blinds

Last but not at all least, you should switch out old drapes and curtains with our gorgeous polysatin shutters and roller style shades. These will help minimize clutter without compromising your home\’s aesthetics. In fact, our shutters and shades will help make your space look more homely and welcoming, allowing you to keep in the warmth through their energy-saving properties and add layers to the lighting.

The trick to channeling those cozy vibes is that you layer smartly. Layered lighting using window coverings and scented candles is always a foolproof technique, so is the placement and quantity of décor you put up. Whether you\’re a minimalist or maximalist, you can make your home cozier overnight with these tips.

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