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5 Hard Truths about Why You Need an Interior Designer for Your Home

\”Why should I build up my cost by hiring interior designers?\”

\”Interior designers won\’t serve any purpose because my home is so small!\”

These are just some of the things that people may think of when they think about hiring interior design services. But what if we told you that it’s nothing but a bunch of misconceptions?

From choosing the right window covering to designing the best custom closets, hiring interior designers is a smart, budget-friendly, and timely decision that any homeowner could take.

Let’s check out some reasons why you need an interior designer for your home.

Truth # 01: Interior Designers Give You the Best Value of Your Investment

Every homeowner dreams of building a dream home. You may know what you want, but can you execute it well?

Interior designers have a wide range of resources and materials to turn your plan into reality, giving you the best investment value. They also prevent you from making costly mistakes or running from one store to another for your décor needs.

Truth # 02: Hire Interior Designers to Save Time

Interior designers have different budget packages and thorough plans to offer their services. You won’t have to research the market for the cheapest window coverings or sustainable window shutters. They’ll do it for you, saving your time, energy, and money.

They also have useful industry contacts of contractors, plumbers, and electricians for smooth work delivery. They ensure to pull things together for you in minimal time and least energy.

\"ATruth # 03: An Interior Designer and a Contractor Aren’t Same!

Some homeowners believe hiring contractors would suffice their dream home interior. However, contractors can only build different products for you. They’re unable to guide you about what suits your home needs the best or which material is ideal for you!

The interior designers have unique suggestions about designing every nook and corner of your home. They\’re professionals who know how to maximize space with custom closets or illuminate dark places with shutters.

Truth # 04: The Designer Will Work According to Your Needs

For interior designers, client satisfaction always comes first! They\’re only the craftspeople behind \’your\’ home vision, executing things within a defined budget. They give you different colour choices and texture themes, out of which you\’re free to choose anything you like.

Truth # 05: Interior Designers Add a ‘Wow’ Factor

The interior designers are inclined to ‘think out of the box.’ While you may know your home’s aesthetic requirements, they induce personality into your entire interior. They think differently and ensure beautiful interior appeal, raising the home value and adding a WOW factor.

How Can LifeStyle Home Solutions Help?

If you’re looking for interior design and staging services, you’ve come to the right place. At LifeStyle Home Solutions, we offer home decorating and designing services, custom designed closets and beds, and window coverings.

For more information, contact us today at 226-533-9933 or info@lifestylehomesolutions.ca. Book a FREE design consultation today!

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