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5 Reasons to Choose Blinds Over Curtains

Even when you’re the one to choose the décor in your house, there comes a time when you look at the design and realize it’s time to switch it up. While curtains are the window treatment of choice for most people, they can get old pretty quickly.

If you feel like your curtains are boring you, it may be time to reconsider your use of them entirely. Blinds are a close second to the most commonly used window covering, but in our opinion, they definitely win the race in some ways.

Let’s take a look at why you should order some wooden metal window blinds next.

Less Expensive

This may surprise you, since blinds have a more complex mechanism, but blinds can actually be more economical than curtains. This is because blinds cover only the precise dimensions of a window and the installation is less complex than curtains.

On the other hand, curtains use more material, are often lined and have to be sewn to fit your window. They’re also a lot harder to install, and if you use a more luxurious fabric, the price will only go up.

Modern Design

Blinds also go better with a modern home. Curtains or drapes are long, swaths of fabric that can bog down the minimalistic look of modern interior design. With blinds, you’re getting the golden elements: neutral colors, simple lines, and unobtrusive design.

This is especially essential if you’re redoing your home. Let those curtains be the first to go, and bring some blinds in!

Cleaning is Easier

Is this not the best reason to get blinds? Curtains are a cesspool for dust, damp, pet hair and sometimes even mold to gather and constantly pollute your home. No joke, they can even exacerbate symptoms of allergy season.

Constantly cleaning curtains is exhausting and expensive, but blinds are a wipe away from total cleanliness!

Better Durability

\"ABlinds also last longer, depending on the weather, how you use them, and the material used for them. Blinds are sized to fit only the dimensions of the window, thus removing them from pet or child access.

They also age better. While curtains can fade, fray, get ripped, have stains and more, blinds don’t degrade over time as fast and will usually work fine before breaking.

More Light Control

As opposed to curtains, blinds can give you more light control. With curtains, you can either have them open or closed, whereas blinds give you the option of directing the light away or towards you.

At the end of the day, blinds are just a more user-friendly option, which is why they should be the main component of your next window treatment. With our team on hand, getting metal window blinds or wooden window shades can be a breeze!

Our team at Lifestyle Home Solutions are experts at all kinds of window covering installation, including cellular window blinds, Polysatin shutters and window shades. We can also create some custom closets and beds for you in Southwest Ontario. Contact us today to book an appointment with us!

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