A front porch of the house decorated with candy canes and Santa

5 Tips for Making your Porch Merry and Welcoming This Holiday Season

Christmas is a magical time spent with family and friends with unmatched joy and merriment. The bustle of the holidays starts days before Christmas as we begin decorating our houses. If you want your guests to love your Christmas decorations this year, you must decorate your front porch so that the first impression creates a lasting impact. Here are 4 ways you can make your porch merry and welcoming this Christmas.

Remove All Fall Décor

If you have an arrangement of pumpkins along with fall blooms past their prime, it\’s time that you remove them and have a blank canvas ready for your Christmas décor. The front porch gets dirty in the rainy fall season and needs a thorough cleaning. So, clean your porch and remove all fallen leaves. Once done, place a new doormat to begin decorating.

Start with the Greens

We recommend that you always start your decorations with a touch of green. Begin by stuffing your pots with as many tree branches as you can. Pine, cedar, and holly look best in a combination — but you can choose whatever you want. After that, adorn your door frame with garlands to finish the look.


Add Lights

Outdoor lighting can accentuate your Christmas décor to new levels. Go for battery operated lights as they’re easy to turn on and off. They can add warmth to your porch and make it look welcoming. You can also buy some battery-operated fake candles to give your outdoor space a cozy candlelit feel — ideal for welcoming your guests.

Add Accents

Here’s the fun part. Now you can add any element that you feel reflects your interior decorations or your house\’s vibe. If you live in an old house, we’d say go for a pair of vintage pair of skis to add a festive vintage appeal to your décor. In this case, the sky is the limit. Get as creative as you can.


Finish it Off with a Christmas Wreath

classic wreath is the cherry on top. It forms the focal point of your porch décor as your front door is the first thing your guests see. If you’re going all out on the decorations, we’d say keep your wreath simple and classic. Add a bright red ribbon and hang some ornaments, and you’ll be done.

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