Roller style shades allows the natural sunlight to embrace the room

5 Types of Window Décor A Hotel Needs for Its Interior Design

A hotel\’s interior and ambience play a crucial role in customer satisfaction—and a good part of its ambience depends on its interior décor.

From floorings and furniture to windows and ceilings, everything plays a part in hotel interior design. Out of many windows covering options available for commercial facilities, we\’ll help you choose the best.

Let’s begin.

1. Roller Style Shades

Roller style shades are everyone’s favourite as they’re available in a wide range of colours, styles, and textures, from contemporary to classic. They expose the window dimensions fully, allowing for more decorative window frames.

They\’re the most suitable for a hotel room as they ensure maximum privacy when rolled down and supreme natural light when rolled up.

2. Vertical Shades

If you want to add sophistication and elegance to your hotel interior, then vertical-style shades are the ultimate choice. They\’re cost-effective and easy-to-clean, which makes them the best choice for hotels.

They provide excellent coverage to glass doors, large windows, and bay windows. They’re well-insulated available in different fabrics options.

3. Solar Window Screens

Now, you don’t have to cover your large glass windows with draperies or curtains for sun protection. Install solar window films and let your customers enjoy the beautiful exterior view.

Solar window films are tinted and provide you with 99% UV rays protection, glare reduction, and insulation benefits. They save about 30% on energy costs, cooling your interior in summers.

LifeStyle Home Solutions offers a diverse range of customization options for solar window films.

4. Wooden Shades

Wooden shades are the best if you want to give your hotel ambiance a natural or retro style. Besides high durability and light-control efficiency, they\’re environmentally friendly.

They allow the cool breeze to come inside and offer a magnificent view, making them a perfect choice for resorts or hotels near natural sites.

5. Screen Shades (Silhouettes, Pirouettes, Luminettes) 

Protection of furniture and floors is a must for hotels. Specific screen shades add sheer beauty and solar protection alongside light control mechanism to your hotel windows. They\’re great for common hotel areas such as lobby, halls, or gyms.

Typical screen shades include Silhouettes, Pirouettes, Luminettes that offer controlled glare, light-filtration, and exterior view.

Fulfil Your Commercial Design Needs at LifeStyle Home Solutions

If you’re looking to buy window coverings for your hotel or other commercial facilities, LifeStyle Home Solutions is just a call away at Cambridge, Ontario.

We offer an incredible range of window coverings, such as roller style shades, vertical style shades, wooden window shades, solar window films, etc., for residential and commercial facilities. For more information, contact us today at226-533-9933.

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