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A Comparison of Horizontal and Vertical Style Shades

Although vertical and horizontal shades are a lot different, they\’re also similar in many ways. Both of them block UV radiation, keeping your home cool and comfortable. This also helps you maintain an optimum internal temperature and keep your HVAC systems running cost-effectively.

Here is a comparison to help you differentiate:

The size

The main difference between the two types of shades is that of the size of slats. Vertical shades have bigger slats that hang from the headrail tracks. You need hand-pulled chain systems to open and close vertical shades. Due to their size, they\’re ideal for covering sliding glass doors and oversized windows. On the other hand, the slats\’ size in horizontal window shades is somewhere between one to two inches. This is why horizontal shades are a better option for small or medium-sized windows.

\"ScreenPrivacy and sunlight protection

Vertical style shades have wider slats. This is why they\’re able to block out more sunlight compared to horizontal shades. In fact, a single vertical blind offers far more significant sunlight protection benefits compared to a custom-designed large horizontal shade. This is because downward-facing sun rays can easily seep through the gaps in horizontal shades.

However, horizontal shades offer greater privacy and prevent a lot of unwanted eyes from peeking into your premises.


No matter which of the two types you invest in, you\’ll have to practice regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain your shades in a fully functional condition. Although cleaning your shades isn\’t a tough chore, horizontal shades require a bit more effort. Vertical shades are easy to clean since they\’re constructed on a single track. On the other hand, horizontal shades have a lot of mechanical parts and strings attached to them, which makes cleaning strenuous. They\’re also a little harder to clean since they\’re designed for bigger windows.

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