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A Guide to Minimalist Window Covering

There has been a rise in the ‘less is more’ ideology in recent years, and people have moved toward minimalist interiors. Their color palette has been reduced to whites, greys, and creams. And their aesthetic is taken over by clean lines. If you’re aiming for minimal interiors in your home, here are some colors you must consider.

Choose Your Colors

For a minimalist interior, a color scheme that exudes beauty and subtlety is important. Choosing a minimalist design doesn’t mean going for whites only. You can try a color palette with neutral colors that have colorful undertones. For instance, cream shades have undertones of blues and yellows. If you feel a little adventurous, you can add some easy-on-the-eye colors like tan, earthy tones, or greens.

Here are 3 features you can add to your window coverings to achieve a minimalist style.


1. Recessed Fixtures

The best way to add a minimalist touch to your space is to eliminate clutter and maintain all the practical features. You can recess blinds and shades by installing them inside the window frame along with a fascia to add rollers. You can also recess them by installing them in a ceiling pocket.

2. Ceiling Mounted Drapes

Installing drapes and curtains in a railing mounted on the ceiling can create a sleek and elongated finish for your interior. It will conceal the hardware and maximize the view, making your décor and curtains the center of attention. It also takes up less wall space adding to your minimalist interior décor.


3. Cordless Shades and Blinds

Gone are the days when shades and blinds used to have wands, cords, or chains. They unsightly hang on the side and add an element of clutter to your décor. Instead, we recommend you go for cordless shades and blinds so that you can eliminate the extras and achieve a clean look.

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