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A Guide to Pairing Shutters With Curtains

It’s no secret that the right curtains can change the look and feel of your home. But does the process of choosing a curtain change when you have shutters? This fitting is meant to block out sunlight, provide privacy, and limit the noise to a certain extent. On the other hand, pairing curtains with shutters offers a different experience altogether.

Here’s how you can choose the right curtain styles for your home’s shutters:

Mount the curtains upward and outward

When placing the curtains in front of a shutter, you need to think about functionality too. For curtains to work best with your home’s shutters, opt for ones that are long enough and allow the curtains to be pushed to the side so that the shutters can be accessed. You might also want to mount the curtains much higher than the shutters. This makes your home seem larger than it really is and creates the allusion of higher ceilings. Interior designers tend to mount curtain rods at least 6 inches above the window.

Tiebacks give a formal look

If you want to give a more formal look to your home’s interiors, have tiebacks installed on either side of the window. These tiebacks allow the curtains to be draped beautifully, giving a formal and more traditional look, instead of letting the drapes hang straight down.

Contrast textures

The great thing about pairing shutters and curtains is the difference in texture.

Utilizing different textures around the room is a great way to add layers to your home’s interiors. The sleek look of wooden shutters works perfectly against the vertical folds of the solid curtain, creating a chic look indoors. Consider the colour theme of your home when choosing your curtains; you can opt for lighter or darker coloured curtains, depending on the kind of look you want to achieve.

Match the curtain and shutters with the rod


Along with the tiebacks, the curtain rod is also considered an accessory. Having matching hardware gives a harmonious look to your interiors. Make sure the curtain rod is similar to the hardware used around your home. Steer clear of high-shine rods in silver and gold because they can be distracting. Matte finishes are better for curtain rods, ensuring the curtains and shutters are the focal points of the room.

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