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Adding Regal Privacy with Lumar Satin Crystal Film

At LifeStyle Home Solutions, we understand that the entryway of your home sets the tone for your entire living space. In this installment of our “Before & After” series, we’re thrilled to showcase a front foyer transformation that introduces regal privacy with Lumar Satin Crystal Film, offering a semi-permanent and cost-effective solution.

Before: The Quest for Privacy without Compromising Light

Our customers had a common concern – their front foyer felt exposed, allowing visitors to peer directly into their living room. They desired a solution that would provide instant privacy without sacrificing natural light. The challenge was to find a window covering that met these needs while adding a touch of regal elegance.

After: Regal Privacy and Peace of Mind

Sidelight After

Our team recommended the installation of Lumar Satin Crystal Film on the dual pane glass of the sidelights. This film not only delivered the desired privacy but also brought an air of regal sophistication to the front foyer.

Customer Benefit: Semi-Permanent Elegance and Peace

The transformation was nothing short of extraordinary. The Lumar Satin Crystal Film provided the instant privacy our customers sought while allowing natural light to filter through. It created a regal atmosphere in the front foyer and offered peace of mind, knowing that their living room was no longer exposed to prying eyes.

Reason for Install: Privacy with Elegance

The reason for choosing Lumar Satin Crystal Film was crystal clear – it offered a regal and semi-permanent solution to enhance privacy in the front foyer. This film was a cost-effective way to transform a hard-to-cover area, creating an inviting and secure entryway.

At LifeStyle Home Solutions, we believe that your home’s entryway should be a reflection of your style while providing the privacy and security you need. Our Lumar Satin Crystal Film combines elegance with functionality to create a welcoming and protected space.

If you’re looking to add regal privacy to your front foyer or any other area of your home, consider the transformative power of Satin Crystal Film. Contact us today, and let us help you create a grand entrance that’s both stylish and secure.

Stay tuned for more inspiring “Before & After” stories from LifeStyle Home Solutions, where quality window coverings and impeccable interior décor come together to elevate your living spaces and your peace of mind.  Contact us today if you have questions about our products and services.

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