A close up of a window with cellular blinds fitted in it.

All You Need to Know About Cellular Shades

Gone are the days when a few simple drapes would do the job during an interior design remodel for your windows. Not only have drapes gotten more expensive, there are also so many more options out there that are more efficient, economical and modern.

This brings us to the topic of cellular window blinds or shades. Why are they all the rage? What is the big deal about them? How do they work? Well, as window covering installation experts, we can fill you in on why these window blinds are an essential design element to consider using.

What Are Cellular Shades?

Cellular shades are essentially a type of blinds that are known for their ability to perform above average temperature control and energy-efficiency functions. While these shades aren’t equipped with any digital tech, these ‘honeycomb’ shades are designed to insulate.

The shades are constructed in the shape of honeycombs, with double layered fabric that creates pockets of air and essentially binds together to form an air barrier. This is supposed to lessen energy transfer, thus stopping the external temperature from seeping to the internal temperature.

However, there are no reliable studies to support this, only anecdotal evidence and theoretical backing.

What Are the Realistic Pros?

These shades are just a step above normal wooden or metal window blinds. Cellular shades retain the usual benefits of blinds. They use less material, have more modern designs and cover the window’s dimensions precisely.

Cellular shades are also an excellent method for creating a better sleeping environment during the early sunrises and late sunsets in the summer. They’re efficient at blocking out all the light and keeping the room dark.


The added benefit of complete privacy, and additional noise cancellation is definitely an added bonus!

Should You Get Cellular Shades?

The decision to get cellular shades can only be made by the stakeholder themselves. Some things you may want to consider are your budget, your needs, and your home’s general design.

For example, if you’re on a bare bones-budget, maybe you should stick with regular wooden window shades. Also, if you’ve invested a lot in a particular kind of look for your common areas, cellular shades may crimp that style. Instead, install them in bedrooms or home office spaces for optimal use. There are plenty of ways to use cellular window shades to your advantage, but there are a lot of other options should you want them.

We can install roller style shades, sunset shades, wooden window shades, metal blinds and even get some custom curtains made for you. Our team at Lifestyle Home Solutions is fully equipped to plan and execute a full home remodel; including custom closets and beds just for you!

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