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Sarmazian Brothers Complete Flooring Centre Cambridge


Optically clear Harmony Terre V51 film is like sunglasses for your home or storefront, It naturally rejects up to 57% of solar energy, reducing heat build-up and energy costs. Much like the majority of films we stock, V51 blocks >99% of ultraviolet rays, helping to protect furnishings by reducing premature fading.


Whenever we get the call to go visit a Dollarama store to measure for shades, we alwasy get the same complaints: ‘It’s too hot’, ‘the glare blinds our checkout screens’ and ‘the chocolate is melting!’ The simple yet elegant basket-weave roller shade is the front-line defence to curb the heat and sunlight. The fabric’s fire …

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Raffi Jewelers Cambridge


Sleek aluminum slats. A streamlined, durable aesthetic. An appealing option for high-traffic homes. These metal blinds provided view-through without having to be fully raised, full control over incoming light and privacy gave these accent pieces true functionality.


Screen Shades are installed in accordance to brand standards to keep the store cool during times of day with direct sunlight. These shades are installed in addition to windows with LowE glass coating for aesthetics. 

Sunbelt Rentals Brantford

Sunbelt Rentals

Installed Ultraview 15 Solar film on 8 panes of glass to reduce the heat in the showroom, and improve efficiency of air conditioning system. In addition to improving the temperature and comfort within the store, the film provides a new sense of privacy with its high reflectivity. While half way through the install, our customer …

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Chick Fil A Kitchener

Chick Fil A

Installed screen shades with accordance to architectural and brand standards to cut glare and create a comfortable space for customers and increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems within the restaurant

office interior design

Chic Office Interior Upgrades

Urban offices can’t compromise on the visuals, functionality, and smart innovations. The outlook of their building is a major selling point for prospective clients and corporate collaborations. The workplace must exude a sense of professionalism with clean interior designs and radiate positivity to welcome potential employees to work there. A huge part of that can be attributed …

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customized closet in your dressing room.

Why Everyone Needs Custom Designed Closets

Standardization doesn’t work well in art and design. Nobody likes to have home interiors that don’t reflect their tastes nor are customized for their needs. That’s why more and more homeowners wish to get individual features customized. Kitchen cabinetry and bedroom closets are the spirit of modern homes. Customizing closets infuse the aesthetics of your …

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