A set of sophisticated vinyl shutters.

Benefits of Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutter will keep your living spaces well-ventilated, lit, and secure. If you don’t already have vinyl shutters installed, a lot of your furniture is at risk of sun damage due to the UV rays.

Here are some more benefits of vinyl shutters:

More affordable

Compared to wood shutters, vinyl shutters are a far more affordable option. The surface of vinyl shutters is made of molded grain, but at the same time, it has an overall plastic-like appearance. Inside the shutter, aluminum or PCV is used for extra stability and its strength is derived from the same structure to which they’re attached.  The cost of shutters will depend on the type of louvres and operating system.

Good for outdoor usage

Wooden shutters are considered suitable options for historic buildings and houses with natural sidings. On the other hand, vinyl shutters blend in well with sidings made of similar material. This is why they’re often used as an architectural accent on buildings. Vinyl shutters are versatile and can be used for both indoor or outdoor applications. Also they are weather-resistant and work well in areas where moisture content is high.


When it comes to vinyl shutters, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from.

Hollow vinyl shutters are dominated by hollow vinyl, just like the name suggests. These are by far the least expensive option. The only downside is that they’re not great at supporting the weight of large frames. On the other hand, structured hollow vinyl offers better structural integrity since these shutters also include an additional vinyl skeleton. This supports the shutter’s weight and prevents sagging.

Other options include solid vinyl, which is basically a standard vinyl frame filled in with blown PVC. This is a far more stable option than hollow vinyl. If you’re looking for added metal support, you can opt for a slid vinyl with an aluminum insert. For extra moisture resistance, go for vinyl-clad wood. These shutters are made of hardwood frame enclosed in vinyl. Therefore, they come with the added benefit and durability of wood.

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