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Custom Closets: Design the Closet of Your Dreams

During the global pandemic when most of us are forced to stay inside our homes, many people are finding joy in designing their own custom closets.

Custom closets started trending in the fashion industry owing to celebrities like the Kardashians and Netflix shows such as \”Get Organized with The Home Edit.\”

Here\’s a detailed overview of how custom designed closets have now become the ultimate design dream owing to the convenience and comfort they provide.

Taking Inspiration from Reese Witherspoon

In the 1995 show \”Clueless,\” we saw Cher’s closet, which consisted of a computerized-rack system that elevated her space from a simple clothes storage room to a beautiful custom closet.

The Netflix show \”Get Organized with The Home Edit\” showcased Reese Witherspoon\’s magnificent costume closet. This inspired viewers to invest in custom closets too.

The walk-in closet concept was considered a must-have in the 1980s and 90s in California, but custom closets go one step beyond. They use a well-designed approach to storing clothes and shoes on organized shelves, a symbol of creative imagination.

Pinterest and Instagram have contributed to this phenomenon. This has been further exacerbated by celebrities and influencers giving tours of their closets on YouTube and Tik-Tok, creating videos that have acquired billions of views.

\"RacksThe Rise of The Princess Closet

The Princess Closet\’s rise came about during the pandemic when people became obsessed with impeccable closets and started designing their own custom fashion museums, also known as Princess Closets, in their homes.

Neatly arranging racks of colourful clothing and high-heeled shoes gave people some semblance of order. TV shows and movies contributed to the popularity of Princess Closets. For example, in the popular show \”Big Little Lies\”, Nicole Kidman\’s character had a his-and-hers closet worthy of a feature in the Architectural Digest.

We also have examples of movies such as \”The Devil Wears Prada\” and \”Sex in the City,\” both of which introduced and expanded upon the concept of Princess Closets. Miranda Priestly and Carrie Bradshaw are considered fashion pioneers, and their custom-closets were featured prominently in these movies.

The Kardashian Era

The Kardashians are famous for many things, one of them being their custom-designed closets. Kim Kardashian had her guest bedroom converted into a master closet. Her shoes and handbags have separate walk-in storage space, and her prized possessions, including Alexander McQueen minis and Balmain jackets, are stored with great care.

Another Kardashian sister, Khloe, famously said she believes in separate closets for the husband and wife. She has an extensive shoe collection, and her closet features gilded mirrors, flickering candles, and fresh flowers.

Inspired by these celebrities and thinking of getting your own custom closets? Lifestyle Home Solutions collaborates with expert designers to build you the closet of your dreams. Contact us today and covert your storage space into an efficiently organized, well-designed masterpiece!

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