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How Do Solar Window Films Keep Your Homes Cool in Summers?

In places like Canada, where sunshine is precious, welcoming plenty of sunlight inside homes means allowing the sun’s UV and infrared radiation to harm our interiors and us. A point to note here is that windows are the ultimate carriers of these undesirable solar radiations.

But if your windows are installed with solar window films, then you don’t have to worry. Solar window films are thinly designed adhesive sheets made up of tinted, reflective material, easy to install on your glass windows or glass door panels.

Here are some benefits of solar window films.

Reduce Exposure to UV Radiation

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays is harmful to homeowners and causes the home furniture, floorings, and walls to lose their freshness and gloss. The long-term contact of the sun’s UV rays with the home interiors causes the wall paints to chip, wooden floors to darken, and carpets to discolour.

Solar window films offer 99.9% protection against UV rays. Installing solar window films in your homes will reduce your home’s UV exposure, protecting your family and interior against UV rays’ harmful effects.


Lower Temperature in the Summer Season

The scorching heat is a nuisance in the summer. It warms the up-home interior, increasing air conditioning reliance. Sunlight carries infrared rays that let the heat seep into homes. This issue becomes more severe if your home has large windows.

Don’t worry; we’ve got a solution to your problem – solar window films. These films are composed of insulation materials that block the sun’s infrared radiation, lowering your home temperature and air conditioning dependency in the summer. Thus, you can enjoy beautiful views with large and small windows without the worries of heat inflow.

Energy Conservation Optimization

Windows are one of the significant entry points for heat in a home, and summer allows more warmth to embrace your home interior.

Not only solar window films are aesthetically appealing, but they also offer energy-saving benefits. Yes, you heard it right! Installing solar window films block more than 50% of the solar radiation, thereby keeping your homes cool in summers. With a relatively cooler home, your air conditioning needs will decrease, as well, saving you significant dollars on energy bills.

Lessen Window Glare

The summer season doesn’t always bring fun; it can wear off surfaces, causing glare and obstructed views. Additionally, glare also strains eyes by rays-impacted TV screens, laptops, phones, or tablets.

Solar window films decrease the window glare significantly and allow natural light to sink inside your home premises.

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