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How to Invite More Light Into your Rooms

Small homes can channel all the romantic, cottage-like feels, but sometimes you wish forample living space with room to move around and host grand parties. However, expanding the covered area of your house is not an overnight job, and you may not have the time or budget for a grand renovation project. You can work with light to create an illusion of more space. If you can invite more light into your house, you will feel like you were instantly transported into a place much grander than yours without much effort.

That’s why window design hacks are fundamental to residential architecture. Windows in the right size with the perfect rollers or shades can enhance the perception of space in your home by letting natural light flood in. Here’s how the right window accessories can help.

Tall Windows and Vertical Panels

The taller the walls and structure of your house, the larger and brighter your space will seem. But you can’t push your ceilings higher than they already are without deconstructing the entire building. There are other ways of doing that. Remodeling your windows to make them taller is one way to invite more light. Pairing tall windows with vertical shades further improves the look and luminosity of your rooms. The vertical panels covering your windows can focus on the height and draw attention to the vision that those windows bring into the room. It could be a view of the skies or trees outside the house that appear bright and colorful when the sun shines. That’s the simplest way to redesign your home interiors for brighter, bigger rooms.

East Open Windows

The more windows you have in your house, the better natural lighting you’ll have. But if you live in a city that doesn’t get many sunny days, you’ll  want to preserve most of the sunlight you get on the days when there’s less cloud cover. That’s why East-open windows are an excellent way to get the morning light into your rooms. If you don’t want the light to filter through horizontal blinds, you can choose woven woods that pull up and reveal the full view without any obstructions. The rustic look of woven woods pairs best with a view of the green backyard or garden and trees; spruce up your windows for maximum light and the best view.


Add Mirrors

While the first two options require more work, this one’s going to be easy. Don’t you wish to have another window on a bare wall in your bedroom but can’t because of architectural complexities? Don’t fret because you can create the reflection of the opposite window through mirrors. Placing mirrors around your house multiplies the light reflected within the boundaries of your home. You can have the light worth of ten windows with just five windows if you have the aesthetic sense of using mirrors to your advantage.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with your home design. We encourage creativity, innovation, and minimalism with our window screen shades and window covering installation in Cambridge, ON. Call us at 226-533-9933 for more details.

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