Minimalist bedroom furniture like this can help your room look more welcoming.

How to Make Your Bedroom More Minimalist in 2020

Minimalism is all the rage and a trend that seems to be sticking around for a while. And why shouldn\’t it? It helps free up a lot of mental and emotional stress, helping us detach from material things and focusing truly on what makes us happy.

You don’t need to follow the KonMari method if it’s too extreme for you, but instead, you can make other simple switches and decisions that will help improve your space. Start with your bedroom, and try the following:

Clean and declutter aggressively

Cleaning is therapeutic, and you should take this chance to get rid of everything and anything you no longer need, things that no longer serve their purpose, are old, and useless. Don\’t hold onto things because you associate memories with them—because that can quickly lead to hoarding territory. Instead, get rid of clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, books, ties, suits, DVDs, or anything that you don\’t use or like anymore. Spend time decluttering and only holding onto things you love and will use.

Organize and reorganize smartly

Now that you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t want or need, focus on what you do. Start organizing and storing things smartly, investing in shelves, racks, bins, dividers and other handy tools that can be used in your room. For dresser drawers, closets etc., you can easily make more space using these nifty tools and enjoy tons of space-saving benefits.

This applies to furniture too. Limit how many items are in your space, apart from the bed itself. Don’t crowd multiple chests, drawers, dressers, boxes, shelves, and racks. Keep what you need, and minimize the rest.

\"KeepBuy neutral linens and upholstery

Invest in neutral bedsheets, bedcovers, cushions and window coverings like our window screen shades and wooden shutters that create a balanced, minimalist aesthetic. Our sunset shutters help keep your room looking stylish and offer a lot of natural light without being overwhelming or space-consuming like traditional curtains. Contact us to know more!

As for the colour scheme, you can always add in a pop of print or colour through cushions or throws, but for the most part, keep things minimalist. Think of warm earthy tones, whites, beige, and other such shades that help channel that relaxed, decluttered, composed vibe.

Add natural elements to your room

Adding natural elements help tie together the rest of the minimalist feel. You’ll already have plenty of sunlight and soft twilight hues thanks to our shades, but you can also add plants that add colour and improve air quality, wooden flooring, salt lamps, and other pieces that add a touch of nature.


Your bedroom is your special little escape from the world. Make it a space that brings you joy and peace!

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