A luxury pergola, without the luxury pricetag.

Since 2014 , we've been helping you find quality products to fit any LifeStyle

We’ve been building and supplying outdoor shades for over a decade, and now we’ve started a new journey in outdoor leisure and spade transformation. Our vision has always been to find quality home solutions for every budget and our new outdoor pergolas do just that. With options for fully custom outdoor living spaces to protect you from the sun, insects and even the harsh Canadian winters we can create a cozy shaded space for any LifeStyle. 

Aluminum pergolas offer an elegant and durable solution for outdoor spaces, blending seamlessly with various architectural styles. Their lightweight yet robust construction ensures longevity and low maintenance, perfect for withstanding the elements year-round. Our structures offer shade and protection from the sun’s rays, creating a comfortable outdoor oasis for relaxation and entertainment. Whether used as a standalone feature or integrated into a larger landscaping project, aluminum pergolas enhance the appeal and functionality of any outdoor area.

Our new louvered pergolas are a revolutionary type of outdoor shadings that take into account both practicality and fashion. 

The adjustable louvers and functional shades, combined with robust material and construction offer the perfect outdoor living space for life in Canada.

Let's get you outside!


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