Decorative Film

Decorative films are a great way to increase your privacy at home without resorting to unsightly reflective films or expensive shade systems. Not to mention it can add a sense of personal flair to your home!

Recommended uses include sidelights, door windows, and transoms.

Transform glass into one of your home’s most defining features.

With just a little knowledge of decorative films, you will see glass surfaces and windows in a completely different light. Possibilities that were previously invisible will be revealed; ways to enhance the design, privacy, shine, and more. Our decorative films are carefully selected to feed the imagination and complement any vision of style, from traditional to edgy. They are also highly practical, offering varying degrees of transparency and privacy to help you solve your design and comfort problems – wonderfully. Prepare to dream and experiment.

At Lifestyle Home Solutions, frost and film is available off the roll in the length of your choice or cut to the exact measurements you provide.

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