Solar Window Film

Let the sunshine in! These films tame heat, help reduce fading, and save energy.

Solar window films for residential applications help to block >99% of UVA & UVB rays, reduce high temperatures in the summer, and retain warmth in the winter.

Control Glare and Improve Indoor Comfort with an Aesthetic Solution: Solar Window Films 

You don’t have to opt for room-darkening shades or hide behind heavy curtains for relief from the sun. Keep your windows bright and open to outdoor views with a solar window film. They reflect away heat, glare, and harsh UV rays, and are suitable for all architectures!

With varying levels of insulation to help keep energy use under control, solar window films help protect all objects from UV discoloration and keep indoor temperature comfortable. Needless to say, solar window films provide the best return on investment in homes with single-paned glass or high-rise buildings.

At Lifestyle Home Solutions, solar window film is available off the roll in the length of your choice, or cut to the exact measurements you provide.

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