Sunset Shades

Maxxmar Perfect SunSet Shades are the newest introduction to the alternative shades and shadings product category. This innovative, patented Opera shade offers the ultimate in light control combining two shades in one sleek operating system.

Sunset Shades With an Innovative Design That Suit Any Style of Décor

The sleek design of Maxxmar sunset shades combine the beauty of sheer fabrics with woven semi-translucent fabric louvers to spell sophistication and elegance in any part of the home.

The innovative design of these sunset shades allow filtering of light when open, and alleviate the effect when closed. The best part about their optimized design is that they give you complete flexibility over the shutters, allowing you to control each one independently.

The semi-translucent fabric of the sunset shades allow the room to be filled with natural light during a sunny day while delivering the privacy you need when night falls. They diffuse the natural light in a way that you get a reasonably well-lit room minus the negative impacts of harmful radiations.

Available in motorized options, Maxxmar Sunset shades are sleek, energy efficient, and some of the best investments you can make in window coverings!

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