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The 2021 Closet Trends Everyone Should Know About

Closets are an essential part of homes these days. They’re the go-to places for organizing possessions like clothes, jewelry, shoes, makeup, accessories, and many other related items. Like any space in a house, most homeowners and designers want to stay on top of the latest trends when building an at-home closet.

If you’re looking to make a big impression by refreshing your closet design this year, here are some trending custom-designed closet ideas to consider.

Statement Closets with Customized Hardware

The first closet trend that has everyone’s attention this year is a statement closet. It’s the perfect design for people looking to add accent colours to their closets with personalized hardware and lighting. Interior designers make such closets stand out by incorporating hardware like hinges, knobs, and handles made with luxurious materials like nickel, gold, solver, and oiled brass. In other words, statement closets get the much-needed pop with their shiny hardware.

One of the most popular accent colours to consider this year is gold. It brings back the classic 90’s look for your closet, providing your room and wardrobe with a luxurious feel.


Extravagant Door Fronts

Many people’s dream closets are all about the storage, shelving, and doors used to organize the items inside them. Therefore, a widespread custom closet trend is adding stylish closet doors for optimal organizing.

The best part about these doors is that you can choose from a wide range of door styles, including flat, shaker-style, Tacoma-style, or sleek and modern style doors, depending on the closet size and shape.

An excellent way to add more luxury to your closet is by adding a glass door front to it. These are a lot shinier and fancier than solid wood closet doors.

Sleek Closets for Minimalists

While statement closets with accent colours are all about showcasing a vast amount of clothes to visitors, many people with minimalistic households aim to use their closets for optimum organization and storage purposes.

Therefore, contemporary designers have started creating simple and straightforward closets with sleek cabinet systems for a minimalistic look. Sleek wardrobes can include neutral-toned cabinets to hang shirts, tops, and blouses, and small racks to place shoes and boots.

Another small section with drawers can be perfect for storing accessories, makeup items, socks, and jewelry.


At Lifestyle Home Solutions, our closet designers have the perfect vision, dedication, and creativity to help you achieve your dream custom closet, regardless of your space’s size and storage capacity. We’re a leading home solution supplier, offering cellular window blinds, window coverings, solar window films, and other window treatment products for homes and commercial facilities. Visit our store or call us at 226-533-9933 to schedule an appointment with us today!

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