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Top 5 Suitable Window Blinds for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Just like a home, a hospital or a healthcare facility also requires window treatments. Every area of a hospital needs specific window coverings. Thus, when it comes to hospitals and healthcare facilities, we take extra care in selecting and installing window treatments that enhance patient\’s comfort and privacy. We also ensure they don\’t build up high costs and provide sophistication and safe environment to your facility.

In this blog, we’ve compiled some window treatment options for hospitals. Let’s start reading.

1. Vertical Window Blinds for Medical Rooms

Medical rooms are the places where a patient requires privacy and light insulation. Due to their sophisticated structure and cost-effectiveness, vertical blinds are well-suited for medical rooms in hospitals or healthcare facilities.

These window blinds are easy to install and allow more light inside without disturbing privacy. Additionally, vertical window blinds can be fitted to large windows, glass sliding doors, or bay windows that broaden their practical application. Moreover, they come in different fabrics, which are washable, and facilitate electronic operations.

2. Wooden Window Blinds for Doctor’s Personalized Office or Clinic

If you want a sustainable and stylish finish in an office, there\’s no better option than to choose wooden window blinds.

Wooden window blinds look aesthetically appealing and offer moisture absorption and sustainability benefits. They\’re composed of recyclable wood that reduces your carbon footprint. Therefore, if you want to practice environmental ethics, you can buy our lightweight and durable wooden window blinds.

\"A3. Roller Blinds

Due to their suitability and application for all-sized windows, roller-style blinds are the ideal window coverings for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

From contemporary to conventional, they’re available in all designs. So, no matter what your hospital interior design is, roller blinds fully enhance the window dimensions.

Other Window Treatment Options

Here are some window treatment options in addition to window blinds for hospitals.

4. Solar Window Films for Lobbies/Waiting Area

A lobby or a fully exposed waiting area is a primary place in large hospitals and medical facilities. Here light window treatments are preferred, such as solar window films.

Solar window films provide 99.9% protection against UV rays, reduce glare, and allow natural light inside the facility. They also offer energy savings.

5. Curtains/Draperies for Emergency Rooms

A medical ward or emergency section consists of multiple patient beds and generally requires easy-to-maintain window treatments due to the risk of germs exposure. That\’s why many hospital owners consider installing curtains/draperies to enhance patient\’s privacy and change them frequently.

Commercial Solutions Available at LifeStyle Home Solutions

Whether you need window coverings for hospitals or hotels, we’ve got you covered. Our commercial solutions include solar window films, decorative films, custom closets, and screen shades.

We offer top-quality window blinds, including cellular window blinds, vertical-style shades, roller-style shades, and metal window blinds. We also provide wooden shutters.

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