Bay window shutter with louvres.

Utterly Beautiful: Shutter Styles That Look Great On Bay Windows

Bay windows are some of the most popular windows in residential properties. They give your home a traditional, welcoming look that’s rustic and aesthetically pleasing. Bay windows can be fitted with shutters so that you can control the natural light with ease. These windows offer versatile window covering solutions with greater control over privacy.

Here are some of the best shutter styles for bay windows:

Café style shutters

This style of shutters is the ideal choice for bay windows that face a busy road or pathway. These shutters cover the bottom of the window, allowing light to enter, while still maintaining privacy. You can move around your home without worrying about passersby looking in. For better coverage at night, you can also have curtains installed on these windows.

Tier on tier shutter style

These shutters are quite similar to café shutters and have two sections to provide more privacy, like the café style shutters. The difference between the two, however, is that tier on tier shutters have a set of cutters on the top. Whenever you like, you can close the entire shutter, making it safer for your property, particularly if you’re travelling or out of the house. You have greater choice over how you want to manage the natural light and privacy of your home with these shutters.


Tracked shutters

These provide a panel for every portion of the bay window. Tracked shutters cover the full height of the window and can also be folded to the side. They open inwards when you want to allow maximum sunlight in or you just want to enhance the ambience of your home at sunset. These shutters give you the opportunity to enjoy natural light and privacy. These window shutters are easier and quicker to operate compared to other alternatives.

If you prefer, the louvres can also be split so that you can tilt the bottom or top section of the shutters in whichever direction you like.

Solid shutters

This type of shutter is preferred by homeowners who want to block out as much natural light and noise as possible. Solid shutters are often chosen for areas of the house that get too bright or hot and they’re commonly located near busy and noisy areas to block out the sound. Solid shutters are wooden shutters made of solid panels of wood without louvres, making them more secure and promoting insulation.

Window coverings allow you to take control of how much natural light enters your home, as well as the privacy you and your loved ones need. Lifestyle Home Solutions provides window covering installations for residential properties. From wooden shutters to Polysatin shutters, we offer them all.

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