Vertical Solutions

Window sheers and shades provide a modern look at the window while giving you full control of light entering your room. The perfect blend of traditional blinds and modern designs. Fully customizable with different opacity options, elegant colors, and delicate sheer fabrics. A variety of operating systems are available for smooth, easy operation. These products are perfect for finding the perfect balance between privacy and light

Panel Tracks

Designed for large—but also suitable for smaller—windows, these broad panels are a statement all on their own. Beyond being beautiful, this window treatment also doubles as a functional room divider.

When open, the panels stack tightly and provide unobstructed views. Left closed, they display their rich fabric and texture.


Vertical Cellulars

The ultimate shade for energy savings, but now in vertical form! A perfect solution for vertical side-to-side openings, sliding glass doors or as room dividers. Vertical cellulars give you all the essential features of a cellular shade, but in a larger solution.


Track Sheers

Have light when you want it and privacy when you need it. To create a softly filtered glow, Privacy Sheers combine a sheer fabric with vertical vanes attached to the back of the sheer. These vanes can rotate up to 180°, giving you precise light control and privacy. Great for wide expanses of glass, sliding doors and other vertical applications.



Large panels to give doorways and room dividers maximum usability. With endless configurations and styles, we can custom design shutters to bifold, bypass, and even be french doors!

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