Vertical blinds allow light filtration in a room

What Types of Blinds Are the Best for Different Rooms?

Window coverings beautify your home, adds luxury, and enhance a homeowner\’s lifestyle. Unfortunately, the decision to choose the right window covering isn\’t easy due to the several offerings available.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Here are some recommendations to choose the ideal window coverings for different rooms of your home.

Choices for Living Room Window Covering

The living room is the busiest space and the first place to catch the visitor\’s attention in a home. Here are some durable window covering options for the living room.

Vertical Blinds

Living rooms generally have one to two large windows that capture the exterior view. Vertical blinds are ideal for living rooms as they allow you to enjoy the outside view while maintaining privacy. You can tuck them partially to allow some natural light during the daytime and open them fully at night to stare at the starry sky.

They also make your ceilings look larger. They\’re available in different materials, from metal to matte, and offer superior weather resistance.

Cellular Shades

Living rooms are great places to enjoy family time. Due to large windows, some living rooms are prune to build-up home energy bills.

The layered design of cellular shades trap air in between and allows room insulation, reducing the air conditioning needs. They\’re the best option to achieve energy-efficiency. They\’re also known as \’cellular honey-comb shades\’ and are available in different styles and motor technology.

\"CellularChoices for Bedroom Window Covering

Privacy, light-filtration, and personality are the primary considerations for bedroom window coverings. Let\’s read few ideas.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are an excellent substitute for draperies as their fabric window coverings are available in sleek styles and designs. When they remain closed, they offer complete privacy. However, the light-filtration needs depend upon the fabric material.

Sunset Shades

The novel addition, the sunset shades offer sophistication and elegance to a bedroom. They\’re patented fabrics that allow natural light control and privacy management. They\’re also energy-efficient, available in motorized options.

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Choices for Kitchen Window Covering

Illumination is the foremost consideration for kitchen window covering. Here\’s our recommendation.

Faux Wooden Blinds or Shutters

If your window is close to your sink or faucet, then the perfect choice is faux wood blinds or shutters. They\’re eco-friendly and absorb moisture and humidity from the kitchen. You can also exercise light-control with them.

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Whether you want vertical blinds woven into shades for your living room or luxurious silhouettes for your bedroom, Lifestyle Home Solutions is at your service in Cambridge, Ontario.

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