An LHS representative installing a solar reflective film.

Why You Need A Solar Reflective Window Film

A solar reflective window film is a type of window film that reflects UV rays on the exterior side of the glass. This is why it’s also sometimes known as a one-way mirror film.

The solar window film is like an invisible tint that you can apply to your residential and commercial windows to reduce the influx of UV rays, glare, light, and heat. Compared to window blinds and solid shades, a solar reflective window film also lets you enjoy the gorgeous view of the outdoors.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

Savings on utility bills

Heating and cooling costs contribute a significant chunk to your utility bills and other spending. A reflective film reduces these expenses in two ways; by reducing the solar heat gain, it also brings down the total time your HVAC system runs. Solar heat gain refers to the total heat accumulated inside the space that comes in through the windows, walls, and roofs. Other than that, it also provides an additional insulation layer to balance the interior temperature.


Added privacy

If you’re living in a busy residential space that doesn’t offer a lot of privacy, you might want to enhance privacy by investing in a reflective film. If you like a slight view, get a mildly reflective variant.

For security benefits, you can also upgrade to a safety window film. These films can hold broken glass shards in place after it’s broken until the new glass is installed. Security films are useful for areas where burglaries, vandalism, graffiti, and break-ins are common.

Reduce facing of artwork

If you’ve ever noticed that your interior carpeting, paint, and furnishing have faded, sun fading might be a culprit. This could result in costly repairs, and you might end up ruining some of your most expensive furniture and artwork. A solar reflective window film could help you avoid damage by minimizing sun glare and ultraviolet rays.


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