A solar window film blocking out the UV rays.

Window Films Vs. Solar Screen Shades—Which is Better?

A good quality window covering helps you create an interior space that strikes the right balance between aesthetic, natural light, and ventilation.

The right choice will help you make your living space look both functional and decorative. For most homeowners, solar shades and window films are the two standard options.

Let’s compare the two and see which one works better for you:


Both solar window films and screen shades come with a common goal—to protect you and your belongings from sun damage and block out unnecessary UV rays. Besides keeping the property cool in summer, they also help you control your utility expenses. Compared to many other window treatments, these options also give you a clearer view of the front yard!



The main difference lies in the way that the two options are installed. A window film adheres directly onto the glass on the inside, so it is not affected by the outside elements. On the other hand, a solar screen shade is installed both inside and outside.

As far as value for money is concerned, a solar screen ideally lasts between two to five years. This is what makes it a financially viable investment. They’re less expensive to install than window films and can result in more reduced energy consumption if they are installed on the outside and have a 5 percent or less openness They also prevent the UV rays from even reaching the windows. You can even use the shades even if the windows are open or closed.

Window covering installation services in Canada

Although solar screen shades are a better option in terms of efficiency, affordability, and long-term feasibility, solar window film is equally beneficial. If you’re still confused, the design consultants at LifeStyle Home Solutions will be glad to help you. We can also arrange the required financing to make the installment process easier. Our window covering services also include shutters and vertical style shades and horizontal window shades.

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