Window sheers and shades provide a modern look at the window while giving you full control of light entering your room. The perfect blend of traditional blinds and modern designs. Fully customizable with different opacity options, elegant colors, and delicate sheer fabrics. A variety of operating systems are available for smooth, easy operation. These products are perfect for finding the perfect balance between privacy and light

Tilting Sheers

The perfect shade to balance light and privacy! With horizontal vanes, the window sheer gives you a great unobstructed view and allows light to sparkle into the room. While tilted, you can elegantly block the view from the outside in.

Operation Types: Motorized, Chain, Ratcheting Pull

Roman Shades

Classic fabric folds and even a modern twist! The classic roman shade is always an elegant choice for windows, allowing you to not only have a window covering to control privacy but a statement for your room. Choose from the classic hobbled design or flat folds to give a modern look.

Operation Types: Motorized, Chain, Ratcheting Pull

Banded Shades

Banded shades are the best of both worlds, a roller screen, and a sheer. Their modern take on privacy, light control, and sleek functionality can really make a statement in any room. These come in a large variety of colours and fabrics, easy to pair with any decor.

Operation Types: Motorized, Chain

Drapery & Curtains

The possibilities when choosing drapes are endless! With countless options of patterns, colours, types and weights, our designers can help you with a truly unique, one-of-a-kind statement for your home.

Operation Types: Manual, Motorization